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1. We (student/parent/guardian) confirm that the particulars that are given
are correct and have not withheld any information that may be relevant to ‘The Dance Station’.

2. We (student/parent/guardian) hereby undertake that we (student/parent/guardian) will
indemnify ‘The Dance Station’ and its employees and management from and against all claims for actions, costs, injuries, death, losses, expenses and/or damages, including attorney’s fees,
that we (student/parent/guardian) may have now or in the future in any manner resulting from the use of services and/or facilities at ‘The Dance Station’.

3. We (student/parent/guardian) acknowledge that we (student/parent/guardian) have read this Waiver of Liability and understand its meaning and will voluntarily release the above named
parties from all liabilities arising out of our utilization of any services and/or facilities at ‘The Dance Station’

I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions. I understand that the Terms and Conditions are subjected to changes.

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